How Does Astral Projection Work ‘ And Driving this method To Mastering Out of Body Experiences’

Is astral projection real Do people REALLY leave well being during astral travel.or it’s all simply a complex hallucination, or imaginary experience And how can you tell the difference, anyway Maybe there is a clear way to differentiate between reality and fantasy in the ethereal realms Curious to know more Let’s take a closer look immediately below! Is astral travel a TRUE experience..or just imagination Great question! and definitely probably the most controversial element of the main topic The truth is, there are varying opinions on what is happening during an astral projection, or out of body experience.

Some who study them say it FEELS real, but is completely a brain generated “blip”. Other people have got actually HAD encounter believe it’s as real as typing these letters on the laptop keyboard right now.: My feeling Like most EXCEPTIONAL human experiences, people who are going to “judge” astral projection who haven’t actually HAD an OOBE, are the ONLY ones likely to believe they are made up, or imaginary. Those of us that actually HAD the experience, are almost universally accepting the player happened exactly as we thought they did, with very rare exceptions.

The exceptions will usually be projections that happen to be drug or substance driven THOSE types astral experiences can appear real in the moment, but are simple for the family that had them to chalk up on the chemicals.rather than a genuine transcendent event How can we PROVE astral projection is real It is not easy. The simplest way is to simply DOCUMENT everything find during the experience, and try to confirm it after the reality that. For example, OBE’s that happen spontaneously, due to crisis, injury or trauma as in a near death experience have plenty of verifiable factors required be checked.and

often DO demonstrate something seemingly “impossible” took place. Astralreisen see, hear and report on specific things that happen, often FAR of the event of an accident, or a position of their “physical” body that verify something very powerful has taken place> The bottom line Like any other idea that seems to defy conventional thinking, astral travel is a product you’ve got encounter first truly wrap your mind around. no pun intended.: I started out as a staunch skeptic, and after numerous amazing adventures in the ethereal realms, I’m positive about saying.I